'Eutopia: a non-existent society described in considerable detail and normally located in time and space that the author intended a contemporaneous reader to view as considerably better than the society in which that reader lived.'

Lyman Tower Sargent (1993)

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Trade in Human Happiness Produces Worrying, Unforseen Consequences

We want: books on the shelves, movies on the screen, music on the stage, plays in the theatre, games in the cloud - that create visions of shared future worlds

We are a group of artists, activists and scholars hungry for change. Alongside more scholarly, local and radical forms of action taking place elsewhere, we are gathered here to encourage the development and growth of a starkly absent genre - the eutopia, or positive, shared sociopolitical construct.

In agreement that our culture is severely lacking in examples of shared, functioning communal worlds, this resource is here to provide pointers, maps, sketches and examples towards creation for the missing, eutopian genre by storytellers in all their diverse forms.





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